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Today marks the sixth day since the Avant Garde Lady Gaga and Sasha Fierce Beyonce  premiered their latest smash hit telephone. Prior to the video being exposed to the public, there were rumors swarming that Gaga was a hermaphrodite and before that they said she was a devil worshiping star due to Gaga’s Bad Romance video. Now there are new rumors taking flight that suggests that Beyonce is a Lesbian.

Opinion: First off, all the Beyonce stands can tell you she is not a Lesbian. Sadly she is dating Rap Mogul Jay-Z, but it doesn’t mean that she is gay. I always had a feeling that the media would try some stupid stunt like this especially the time where they both partnered on Beyonce’s “Video Phone”. It seems like no one of the same-sex cannot collaborate on a video without the media questioning their sexuality. Alot of celebrities have collaborated to create smash hits. For example, R-Kelly and Jay-Z, Cassius and Ghostface Killah and Beyonce and Missy Elliott but does that mean they are homosexual???? no the HELLZ it doesn’t… Come on music industry and Lady Gaga stands WHATTHEHELLZ???!!!!


America’s Best Dance Crew Recap Disco Challenge

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Last week the crews took on the styles of lady gaga but the big shock was no elimination so basically the crews were granted a second chance to impress America and the voters. Even though two crews were safe this week there is going to be two eliminations next week. Another ABDC first was that one crew was granted immunity which was Blue Print Cru. This week is the Disco Challenge and the top seven crews still stand…


Blue Print Crew- They made the best of their performances last week with their lady gaga challenge, but for all the crews, they were challenged by incorporating a lift in their routine.

Their performance this week was interesting; however it wasn’t one of my favorites. What I did like about this crew was that they incorporated not one but two lifts along with creating a soul train line as well.  Blueprint Cru really had fun with this week’s routine which and they did what they came to do and that was perform. Another thing I liked about this crew this week was that they added their original style of dancing which is basically a mix of other styles if that makes any sense. Overall, it was a creative and fun piece and I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about this crew this week.

Saltare- Honestly they should’ve been in the bottom two this week because their routine was 1 and 2 and but I guess America had a different point of view. So far the bottom two is occupied by Static Noyze will they be able to put on a killer performance and keep them safe from the double elimination??

Their performance this week was dramatic, they started off perfect with this week’s challenge and they continued to give a memorable performance. What I liked about their performance was that they took risks. For example, they didn’t use ropes for a reasonable amount of time and they had fun with their performance. I also liked how they took another chance by playing with fire yes I said it FIRE!!!!  They executed mule kicks while their ropes were on fire. BIG RISK.  Overall their performance was memorable and interesting however the judges wanted to see more dancing and less dramatics. In the judge’s opinion they liked parts of it and disliked the dancing of the lack there of.

Poreotix- Was one of my favorite performances of the night and in my opinion they were given an easy challenge by incorprating the robot in their routine.  Honestly they did Michael Jackson proud with this performance. It was very clean and it was interesting.  What I liked about their performance was that they showed the judges that they were versatile.  Overall they grabbed the judge’s attention and hopefully it can keep them safe this week.

Heavy impact and Jungle Boogie are going to keep Static Noyze Company in the bottom three.

Hype-5-0- Honestly they needed to go home since day one!!!! But America again had a different point of view. Their performance this week was uninteresting the only highlight form this performance was that one of them added the “dip” form the vogue scene.  The judges didn’t like how they were in the center of the stage for a chunk of their performance and that they did a lot of prep time in this performance and honestly I think they are the next ones to go home.

Heavy Impact- Heavy Impact’s performance was quite humorous and it also had a moral to their performance which was “Bigger is better” I commend them for adding a message to their performance this week however may have been humorous, it was also risky at the same time.  I really have nothing to say about this crew because they lost their appeal to the audience.

Static Noyze- sadly they were a crew member short due to a back injury form their week two dress rehearsal but overall their performance this week was a bit disappointing because I believe they did not add their “Avant-Garde-ness” and the reason why I admired this crew was for their Avant-Garde style.  Honestly I can give them some type of credit for still performing but I know deep down they were thinking about him throughout the entire performance.

Jungle Boogie- Honestly it was the best performance of the night.  Week after week they never cease to amaze me with their rather interesting style which came in full effect this week. Overall the performance was flawless and interesting. Not only did they incorporate the lift done my Rocki but they also added more styles to this performance which I greatly admired that night. Another thing to note about this performance was that it felt like I was watching an episode of Good Times, it was just that interesting

At the end of the show sadly Static Noyze was eliminated along with Heavy Impact. First of all, I demand a recount!!! Sure Static’s performance was a little disappointing, but they were so different form these other crews but again, America had a different point of view. Honestly Heavy Impact needed to go since last week because of their uninteresting lady gaga performance. Next week on America’s Best Dance Crew the theme is Usher Week and another crew will be eliminated (hopefully hype).


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So Lil Wayne was sentenced yesterday to a year in jail for having a loaded gun on his tour bus. The Grammy-winning rapper bowed to supporters as he was led out of a courtroom in handcuffs to start his sentence. Arrested in July 2007, he pleaded guilty in October to attempted criminal possession of a weapon. He admitted he had the loaded .40-caliber semiautomatic gun on his bus. Gurl let me tell you, when his lawyer was with him and he heard his sentence, he look scared as HELLZ but look on the bright side Lil Wayne, D’Angelo can be your cell mate….Lil Wayne prepare to be bottomed by hard convicts hahahahaha….

This isn’t the true WHATTHEHELLZ, what’s really WHATTHEHELLZ is this stranger bitch groupie is rocking pretty much the same amount of tattoos as him. Honestly they look like sharpie marker drawings but you decide…

Opinion: Honestly Lil Wayne needs to be in jail surrounded by his “many” adoring convict fans because he committed a crime. Whether your rich and famous or piss poor, you need to pay the price. As for this stranger crazy groupie she needs to get “BOOM BOOM POWED” one good time because just looking at her is a nightmare. Celebrities today are going to jail for things they know damn well they cannot get away with, but they continue to do. I think it’s a cry for attention but I guarantee you one thing….there will be a lot of Lil Wayne stands at the prison until he gets out….OOOOOOO but you know what would be really funny??? if Lil Wayne came out of jail a little “sweeter”  mmmmmm “How you dew-in” Lil Wayne


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Grammy Winner and R&B singer D’angelo did a huge no no…Last week on the Wendy Williams Show, she reported that he was arrested in the Village for allegedly offering $40.00 for oral sex…..translation, he wanted his peen-tis sucked OMG.!!!!!!!! here is the gotcha, the prostitute he offered the money to was an undercover cop!!! O NO!!!!! I guess he is not getting no more “Brown Sugar.” It was said he stashed $1200.00 dollars in his diva status range rover but let me get this straight,  you offered 40.00 for the undercover cop hoe and you had $1200.00 that night???? she aint gonna put out with $40.00, maybe $60.00 LMAO. As a result, he was sent to the clink and his biggest challenge now is trying not to get raped by inmates, but he will be fine because according to People, “He lost all his Deliciousness” so D’Angelo you’re in good shape by not getting raped. D’angelo after you get out and for some reason you do get raped in jail,  the media is going to ask you one question… “How Does It Feel”

Here is a serious WHATTHEHELLZ moment doesn’t his mug shot look exactly like Old Dirty Bastard?? ??? what do you think???

KOF XII Official Combo Video

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Here are a list of my favorite King Of Fighters XII characters starting with the best







Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Dating…Good or Bad???

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The question of day is do you think Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby dating is a good or bad thing??? Honestly I think it’s more bad than good because the person that is spoiling you may be too attached to you or vice versa so what people do to avoid that complication is to address that I am not here for a relationship, but I am here to have fun and to be spoiled rotten. The Sugar Daddy will practically do whatever you want in exchange for…obviously sex but it’s your responsibility as the Sugar Baby to fulfill those needs. Needless to say that the Sugar Daddy may be in a “Committed” relationship so expect to work around his schedule and never mention the lover under no circumstance because the Sugar Daddy is giving you his undivided attention and if he wanted to hear about his lover, he’d go home to them and not be bothered with you. I think it’s bad because us as humans, we want to be loved and have all types of attention thrown at us but we have to realize that it’s all just a game that you just happen to be in. Honestly this fad is growing so rapid that some people are even calling it a lifestyle which honestly, it’s not!!!

Obviously having a Sugar Daddy is good because the Sugar Baby gets that financial security they crave but like I said a Sugar Daddy’s generosity comes with a price you may have to “stroke his ego” just to get what you want. Personally I never had a Sugar Mama and I don’t plan on it either but I know people who have practiced this lifestyle and they all say “You what you must to please your meal ticket” ok if that’s the case why the HELLZ would you not get a job. I mean really if you’re so determined to please your Sugar Daddy, than you should be as equally determined towards being employed but I digress.

When it comes to Sugar dating, I have learned through friends that some people aren’t who they seem to portray themselves as so here are a few tests….

1)      It is imperative to ask your Sugar Daddy for some type of help early on in the relationship and also take note of how he treats you during the first few dates. Sugar Daddy never say nor hesitate to respond.

I know it’s a little embarrassing to ask for financial help but hey you chose it.

2)      When you’re surfing the countless Sugar Daddy profiles, use some caution as there are some that have no intention of pampering or shelling out any cash on you. Period!

Some of them out there just want some sexy man of woman depending on their orientation to just have sex with and go.

3)      Always keep in mind that a true Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby relationship is all about mutual spoiling.

Honestly people following this lifestyle should be a shame of themselves for even considering some guy just to spoil you rotten and for what??? SEX!!! Technically that’s prostitution which is a crime and you could do some time for that. I think all this determination people have into finding one of these “Meal Tickets” can be used to do something constructive in seeking employment, a hobby or actually finding a genuine relationship.

Kayian Couture

Hellz-BELLZ Launches New Site

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Thats right after 4 months of the same website format, Hellz-Bellz Launches new site with a new look…Introducing the new spring collection of 2010!!!! In case you don’t know anything about Hellz-Bellz, they service a female clientele with their very outrageous styles and unique quotes, Hellz is truly a work of art…My only thing with Hellz is that they should also service a male clientele as well. I mean seriously the only shirt Hellz has for men is the Alexander McQueen graphic tee which is $40.00.

As for the collection I’m guessing they were going for a Avant-Garde 1960’s Maude look. It seems that oversized tees and chunky jewelry is the new trend in the world of Hellz. Their clothes may be successful to women going through an “emo” look or going through the “Gaga” phase. Unfortunately their color palate isn’t something to run home and tell mom about, beause they focus on their blacks,whites, and to be daring cobalt blue…O WOW!!!! other than that I believe it’s a must for all alternative-Gaga looks


Order your pieces from