Morris Chestnut Broke???!!!!!!

Ugh Say it isn’t so Morris!!!!!  Yep that’s right Actor Morris Chestnut is in some serious boo-boo with the IRS. Before I even get to the “TEA” I wanna say…..”YOU DON’T FUCK WITH THE IRS”. Any who according to Detroit News, Morris owes approximately $215,817 to the feds in taxes but that’s not all they had to place LIEN (specific type of security interest, being a passive right to retain (but not sell) property until the debt or other obligation is discharged) on the fabulous home he and his wife own.

Here’s the Bad News….If the feds don’t get their money fast as lightning, they have no choice but to foreclose which will leave Morris, his wife and children on the street. O Noooooo!!!!!

Opinion: First off this is the economic recession at its best. It seems not even the rich and famous can avoid this problem that us middle class have to endure day by day. Honestly when I saw this article I got to thinking, Morris Chestnut hasn’t done a movie in like 6 years…come on Morris your yesterdays news just like the “pants on the ground dude” your only choice is to beg any director and producer to give you a job so you can pay this off or else your gonna be like JOJO and “Leave.. Get Out” and for the love of god don’t even think about launching a clothing line or worse a music career… EWWWWWW. So yea,  that’s the harsh reality of things I mean, he a good actor and the ladies love em however looks cannot bail you out with the feds and that’s the person you wanna owe money to. Seriously Morris WHATTHEHELLZ

Here are some of the Pics of their home brought to you by Mediatakeout


One Response to “Morris Chestnut Broke???!!!!!!”

  1. I can’t believe this! I love Morris Chestnut, but if this is true Morris I only have one thing to say to you…live within your means.

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