Royal Flush Gets Flushed…….


America’s Best Dance Crew Music Video Challenge was indeed a “challenge” for all the crews. Some public favorites like Saltare and Blueprint Cru fell short that week facing harsh criticism from Omarion and J.C.  However, Hype 5-0, Static Noyze and Jungle Boogie made quite a memorable performance bringing all the elements of dance such as Jazz, Hip-Hop and of course a fan favorite VOGUE!!!! But will it be enough to keep them for another week?? Find out Thursday at 10:00 pm on mtv.

Now for the Bad news…..Due to Blueprint’s unorganized week one routine, it cost them a slot in the bottom two along with Royal Flush. Personally I am not a fan of Royal Flush mainly because their routines are copied and they put a card trick to make it signature but for all ABDC stands WE KNOW when its original and when its copied. So at the end of the show it was down to Blueprint and Royal Flush. Though I may contradict my last statement, but Royal Flush actually did great for their week two performance but Blueprint didn’t do so well because of the song selection. They were given Omarion’s “I Get It In.” For those that know the music video, Blueprint tired to mimic the handstand portion which two of the members fell while doing the handstand and even Omarion himself stated that “It was very difficult to do and I will just take it as it is…” and at the end of the show Blueprint was basically given another chance resulting in Royal Flush’s demise and their banner fell

My predictions for this week episode: As you may or may not know, week three is GAGA week!!!!! J. I predict that Blueprint and Saltare will be in the bottom two which may result in Saltare going home… but hey if Royal Flush stayed for the regional’s and two weeks, anything is possible.


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