Omg Plies really??? Is this suppose to be your definition of high fashion? If you are looking at the picture brought to you by Mediatakeout.com, you would see his diamond fitted hat pendent and his matching diamond handcuffs. Guessing this is the what cool rappers do now I guess.

Opinion: First off my eyes didn’t go to his accessories, it actually went to his outfit. He is wearing a pink plain tee (arab) and a matching pink hat. First off that’s so “how you dew-n” (gay) but it the same time it’s a risk. You never a lot of straight black men wearing pink and to see Plies wearing it says something. Don’t take it the wrong way I am not playing the race card, I’m just saying its not something you see everyday. His accessories I guess perfects his image of being “Plies” but diamond handcuffs….REALLY PLIES WHATTHEHELLZ!!!!????? The fitted hat pendent I can manage but the handcuff not really. But seriously any one can take that one piece of jewelry and interpret any way they see fit. For example my interpretation on this is that he could be promoting crime or he could be saying that I have been here in the past and look where I am at now or he could just plain like handcuffs who knows but all I know is he needs to get rid of them and please stop making music about the same shit you constantly keep talking about…sex, becky or sex lol. It’s bad enough hip-hop is dead but don’t piss on the grave Plies.


3 Responses to “WHATTHEHELLZ PLIES!!!!!?????”

  1. He is a complete waste … Yuk !!!

    Such junk as FAKE Bling.

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