“AAA” Aeropostalle vs. Abercrombie and Fitch vs. American Eagle

As you may or may not know alot of your favorite stores might be changing their image or target ages based on the latest trends. With that being said, I chose to review the three most common “college look” stores, Aeropostalle, Abercrombie and Fitch and American Eagle.

First let’s start off with Aeropostalle: In my opinion, I believe that Aeropostalle would have to be one of the most bargain hunting stores in America because they constantly give the consumer exactly what they want…VARIETY!!! For example, this week’s promotion is 50% off Tops and Jeans would probably be filed under most reasonable price point stores in the beginning of March. They did however have a buy one get one free on graphic tees and I think drove consumers crazy. I mean they were having a field day with that particular promotion and it didn’t stop there either, most consumers who were considered “frequent shoppers” had their $10.00 off when you spend $40.00 or whatever the max amount may be along with their BOGO so it was a steal honestly. However it’s the oldest trick in retail, it just encourages consumers to buy more so consider it inflation (alot of money chasing limited goods and services). One more thing to note is that based on me working there, I seen they make most their money from graphic tees or camisoles.

Abercrombie and Fitch however, has quite a bit of difficulty attracting American consumers without losing their “upscale-ity” and without losing their “classic cool” image. Throughout the years, Abercrombie constantly changes its appearance based on today’s trend. A good example of this would be in 2007-2008 Abercrombie was widely known for their outrageous graphic tees and rather reasonable accessories but when the American consumer realized we were in a recession, Abercrombie I guess decided to increase their price point on everything. In other words Delfation (limited money chasing higher priced goods and services.) Honestly it was a dumb move and they realized it because their sales sharpely fell during their recession and they had the nerve to expand their company to give birth to Ruehl and Gilly Hicks WHATTHEHELLZ. Despite that Abercrombie isn’t all bad, they finally came to their senses and realized that “hey we aren’t making as much as we use to” so Abercrombie, Hollister and Gilly hicks  which is all ran by Abercrombie decided to have gasp SALES!!!!! I mean they aren’t as good as consumers expect it be but I guess it’s a new idea for Abercrombie. Another thing I noticed is that during the end of 2007-all of 2008, they were going through this Neo-classical phase (conservative) image and now it’s more “chillaxed” maybe they decided to be less GASP “STOOSH”

American Eagle in my opinion use to be one of the big dogs back in the day but they seem to be slipping now because Aeropostalle came and and took over. There really isn’t anything to say about American Eagle besides that they also went through almost the same changes as Abercrombie however, American Eagle did it a little sneakier. American Eagle slowly raised their prices on merchandise rather than the brutal spike that Abercrombie did primarily because American Eagle actually cared about their consumer’s lol



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