Rapper Nicki Minaj was spotted wearing rather whore-ish ripped leggings and you can virtually see every nook-and-cranny. Now I know all her male fans who are obsessed with this woman are having a field day right clicking and saving this picture to their possible Nicki Minaj collection but me on the other hand, I look at it with disgust. For those of you who lived under a rock lately Nicki Minaj started off as an underground rapper from Jamaica Queens, New York. She is known for her rather outrageous and superficial lyrics in all her mix tapes. Now you’re probably wondering how she was found, Well she was found believe it or not on myspace by a Dirty Money CEO Fendi who signed her to his Dirty Money Label.  After appearing on The Carter Edition of Young Money’s The Come Up DVD series, Minaj was contacted by Lil Wayne. Honestly she wasn’t known for her music at all but I believe it was her Whore-ish clothing she wore. She did know how to push the envelope but not dry hump it lol!!! When she released her mixtape Playtime Is Over she posed as a Barbie Doll on the cover sounds familiar??? It should because Lil Kim did something similiar in her previous album. Could Minaj be the next watered down version Lil Kim or can she make a name for herself??? You decide but I already made my decision.

They say “A Picture Is worth a Thousand Words” and they also say “I am my own work of art”, but these pictures say one word and one word only……Sleezy!!!!

I mean I always had a feeling she was rather whore-ish but she just confirmed it with these pictures

You be the Judge

Whatthehellz Nicki  Minaj!!!!!!


One Response to “WHATTHEHELLZ NICKI MINAJ???!!!!!”

  1. How trashy is she……… ekkkkkk

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