Is Ruehl No.925 Making a Comeback???

well not exactly but alot of Ruehl No.925 loyal customers loved three things about the store…

1) The clothes…even though they were outrageously priced, they still made a rare and bold statement to customers

2) The Bed….yes thats thats right, at the time the store opened probably 60% of customers went straight to the bed. I should know because I was one of the lucky ones that got to experience such a soft, plush and confortable bed like Ruehl No.925 s’

3) The store music….is it just me or doesn’t the store music give it that extra relaxation that customers like myself crave??? I think so.

but like I was saying previously Ruehl No.925 or someone that worked there  at the time created a account that plays nothing but the rare, calming, soothing and sensual sounds of  Ruehl No.925. Honestly, I have always a fan of Ruehl No.925, however their store music gets 10’s across the board.


It is a shame to see Ruehl No.925 go but it was their own fault. In case you were under a rock, Ruehl No.925 went out of business due to their high price point in merchandise and lack of sales besides the going out of business one.  CEO and Chairman of Abercrombie and Fitch Michael S. Jeffries says that, “The closing of Ruehl No. 925 will be considered as an economic relief” NO KIDDING!!!!!! but for the time being, lets enjoy the sounds of Ruehl No.925 store music.


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  1. I am def. bookmarking this

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