What ever happened to……

What ever happened to designer brands like Ed Hardy, Affliction and Pastelle???  As we know the first two designer brands were popular before the recession and a bit during the recession, but it seems to have vanished off the face of the fashion industry. Personally, Ed Hardy was bound to vanish into the darkness because their designs were “out there” and not alot of people could the comprehend Christian Audigier’s vision but honestly his vision was left to question. Affliction however was more higher end and more popular but it was more expensive also. You don’t really see people our age wearing Affliction now-a-days but your couldn’t turn a corner without seeing Affliction back in 2008- early 2009. In comparison to Abercrombie, there really isn’t a demand for higher end clothing anymore, instead consumers are looking for more bargains i.e. Forever 21 and Plato’s Closet.

Ed Hardy is still hanging in there even though they are outrageously priced it still doesn’t stop consumers from passing a store model and looking in admiration hoping that one day it could be them……A WORK OF ART

Affliction to me was like the more snob-ish cousin of Ed Hardy serving a little more customers than its cousin but Affliction has an edge on the competion. Why did I just say that?? well Affliction often takes their merchandise to the UFC and allowing them to model their collections along with celebrities. Speaking of celebrities their “meal ticket” in my opinion would have to be Mindfreak’s  own Chris Angel. I mean in every episode he is constantly rocking something new from their line but it would be a good idea for them to merge if they haven’t already.  Despite their celebrity support,  Affliction will never be the same again thanks to the recession.

Pastelle….Pastelle…Pastelle… tisk tisk tisk

For those of you who don’t know Pastelle, it was suppose to be Rap Artist’s Kanye West’s line but Unfortunately, it won’t be released EVER!!!  According to New York Fashion, they saw West as a meticulous designer even after working on Pastelle for over a year, he only produced four Pastelle pieces, including three articles of clothing and a belt. But if he eventually created enough clothing to shoot what appeared to be a look book, why all of a sudden take it all back?

Perhaps Kanye is the kind of creator who is never satisfied. The kind of creator who never sees the genius in his own work. Karl Lagerfeld may dash off sketch after sketch and produce outfit after outfit, but maybe Kanye torments himself over every detail, never able to reconcile his vision with the resulting physical product. And so he has scrapped that which will never be good enough  in his eyes. Either that, or this is just some elaborate hoax to drum up more press and excitement for the line Kanye’s reps say he will eventually launch.

Sadly we shall never see Pastelle but it was said that he was working on another line that should be released very soon so keep us posted Kanye…

Pastelle in my opinion was like the male equalivalent of Hellz-Bellz. Hellz was considered Punk-Retro and Pastelle is considered new age Street-Retro, you decide… Anywho here is some of his works or art provided by Pastelleclothing.com.


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