America’s Best Dance Crew Recap Lady Gaga Challenge

Last week on America’s Best Dance Crew, Jungle Boogie, Static Noyze and Hype 5-0 made it fierce, Heavy Impact gave sensuality but, Blueprint Cru and Saltare bombed their performance. Luckily week six was considered a savior week because no one was eliminated however next week the crews will face a double elimination. The challenge for this week was the long awaited Lady Gaga challenge. Crews showed their dance skills to such songs as “Beautiful Dirty Rich”, “Paparatzi”, “Pokerface”, “Bad Romance” and more.  Up first to experience and conquer the challenge was one of my personal favorites, Static Noyze

Static Noyze- Static Noyze infused their theatrical style with their outrageous sense of fashion to Lady Gaga’s “Beautiful Dirty Rich.” Their challenge was to best incorporate the table in their routine which I think they did a good job with. Peter from this crew played Lady Gaga and I think he did a hell-of-a good job…He killed that vogue dip and I think he demanded the crowd’s attention with this performance. I thought the tutting section with their legs was very new and fresh to the competition. From begging to end, their dance was very clean and it kept us guessing for a short time, but I did enjoy this crew’s performance

Blueprint Cru- OMG!!! They needed this scapegoat seriously, but it wasn’t their fault because the song selection was quite difficult and they chose to do the hardest piece last week. Their song for the Gaga challenge was “Bad Romance”. Let me tell you it was very Avant-Garde and mysterious. It was very original and signature to their crews name. Their wardrobe however was very brave…the females wore this blood red sheer outfit and the men almost resembled Hannibal. JC stated that this was the best performance of season five. Honestly I agree with him; it was very memorable not just for their look, but their whole routine was just flawless….I guess they have that mentality that “we aint gonna be in the bottom again” The B-boy section was very daring and it really required a lot of physical strength and I was super impressed.

Jungle boogie- Honestly I didn’t like this performance at all… Their song was “Telephone” featuring Ms. Sasha Fierce…Jungle boogie was one of my personal favorites, but this week may cost them to be in the bottom two next week. Two of the crew members were lost and confused and it was noticeable let me tell you…The performance as a whole was very “safe” and “sloppy”

Heavy Impact- Their performance was very “hype man ish” I did however like that they tried to interpret the subway railing into their routine. Overall the performance to “Love Game” was very plain. It had it points where you were like “OMG” but it was just nice to look at I guess. One of the crew members tired to get the audience hype and dismounted off the subway seat to a back flip which was sloppy and noticeable but I did however enjoy the attempt.

Hype 5-0- Hype 5-0’s routine song was one of my favorites, “Pokerface” they tried to incorporate the hand performance in the Gaga’s music video. Honestly they had a little bit of difficulty doing it but I honestly didn’t see the difficulty at all. It was nothing more than basic vogueing. The performance started off very Avant-Garde but it was very displeasing and disappointing. Honestly they do better when they are in the bottom two, under pressure than being safe to see another week.

Poreotics- Poreotics is another one of my favorite crews because they incorporate humor into their routines. They decided to use crutches to their interpretation of “paparazzi” which I think resembled something Saltare would do. But the performance was very interesting and humorous.  Poreotics took their tutting to the next level by having their hands to their backs, which I thought required a lot of practice and precision to get it just right. The middle of the performance was quite dull but I can’t throw shade at them because they are just that interesting.  The crew as a whole, were very precise, together and on point and I think they would make it to see another week.

Saltare- Saltare….Saltare…Saltare, you was touched by an angel let me tell you….last week’s performance was like WHATTHEHELLZ but due to the voting issues, they praised God. Had this not would’ve happened GUARENTEE you they would’ve gone home. Their song selection I thought was quite ironic because they don’t dance….that’s right their song was “Just Dance” I thought the dancing was very “1 and 2 and…” but in the middle of the performance they decided to stick to their strengths by using the jump ropes. Overall it was a decent recovery and the judges continued to admire Saltare once again.

At the end of the only one crew was granted immunity from elimination for next week’s challenge and it was…..BLUEPRINT CRU’S very Avant-Garde performance….Next week they are going back in time to the retro and nostalgic 1970’s who will be eliminated??? Maybe Hype 5-0 and Jungle Boogie or Heavy Impact and Jungle Boogie.


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