Living Through Astrology

Hey there kayiancouture is back…with another new blog…

Today I was requested to do an astrology blog about Leo’s. The funny thing is I’m a Leo so this blog will be quite easy…

First off if you were born between July 23 and August 21, then you are obviously a Leo. Hail to the Leo’s because you like to be king!!!! You are the type of person that’s strong and ambitious, you go out there and you get it not to mention you know how to manipulate anyone to get what you want. In the work world you are known as the ass the stole the long awaited promotion lol.  On a positive note, you are a good friend and you can virtually make friends with anyone because of your demanding persona. People love to be around you mainly because of your optimism and humor, but you may sometimes take people for granted. On the other hand, you are WAAAY to arrogant you always take center stage and try to captivate your audience. Though “You” may define arrogance as confidence and pride others however, see it as vanity, conceit and of course arrogance. In terms of relationships you don’t go to them, they all come to you. In other words you love to be chased and refuse to be the chaser due to you dominance and pride. Your best match is an Aries because you both have such fiery signs and it can truly be a work of art but if both of you are fighting in the relationship; it can turn out into a clash of the Titans. Your worst match is a Virgo because of you personality.   In terms of money you are a big spender and you care about your appearance and you expect the same flawlessness from your significant other as well. Fortunately, we aren’t all that shallow; we do care about personality, just not all that much lol. Please note not all Leo’s are shopaholohic’s some of us live on the cheaper side of town. Even if you consider yourself cheap, you may be drawn into temptation and your true Leo will come out.  Sadly Leo’s are the most expensive people on the planet and when you go on a first date, the more exclusive the better. A tip to wooing a Leo is to constantly flatter them, tell them how pretty they are and how they look and they will simply melt and love you forever.


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