Hellz-BELLZ Launches New Site

Thats right after 4 months of the same website format, Hellz-Bellz Launches new site with a new look…Introducing the new spring collection of 2010!!!! In case you don’t know anything about Hellz-Bellz, they service a female clientele with their very outrageous styles and unique quotes, Hellz is truly a work of art…My only thing with Hellz is that they should also service a male clientele as well. I mean seriously the only shirt Hellz has for men is the Alexander McQueen graphic tee which is $40.00.

As for the collection I’m guessing they were going for a Avant-Garde 1960’s Maude look. It seems that oversized tees and chunky jewelry is the new trend in the world of Hellz. Their clothes may be successful to women going through an “emo” look or going through the “Gaga” phase. Unfortunately their color palate isn’t something to run home and tell mom about, beause they focus on their blacks,whites, and to be daring cobalt blue…O WOW!!!! other than that I believe it’s a must for all alternative-Gaga looks


Order your pieces from http://www.hellz-bellz.com/index.html


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