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Today marks the sixth day since the Avant Garde Lady Gaga and Sasha Fierce Beyonce  premiered their latest smash hit telephone. Prior to the video being exposed to the public, there were rumors swarming that Gaga was a hermaphrodite and before that they said she was a devil worshiping star due to Gaga’s Bad Romance video. Now there are new rumors taking flight that suggests that Beyonce is a Lesbian.

Opinion: First off, all the Beyonce stands can tell you she is not a Lesbian. Sadly she is dating Rap Mogul Jay-Z, but it doesn’t mean that she is gay. I always had a feeling that the media would try some stupid stunt like this especially the time where they both partnered on Beyonce’s “Video Phone”. It seems like no one of the same-sex cannot collaborate on a video without the media questioning their sexuality. Alot of celebrities have collaborated to create smash hits. For example, R-Kelly and Jay-Z, Cassius and Ghostface Killah and Beyonce and Missy Elliott but does that mean they are homosexual???? no the HELLZ it doesn’t… Come on music industry and Lady Gaga stands WHATTHEHELLZ???!!!!



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So Lil Wayne was sentenced yesterday to a year in jail for having a loaded gun on his tour bus. The Grammy-winning rapper bowed to supporters as he was led out of a courtroom in handcuffs to start his sentence. Arrested in July 2007, he pleaded guilty in October to attempted criminal possession of a weapon. He admitted he had the loaded .40-caliber semiautomatic gun on his bus. Gurl let me tell you, when his lawyer was with him and he heard his sentence, he look scared as HELLZ but look on the bright side Lil Wayne, D’Angelo can be your cell mate….Lil Wayne prepare to be bottomed by hard convicts hahahahaha….

This isn’t the true WHATTHEHELLZ, what’s really WHATTHEHELLZ is this stranger bitch groupie is rocking pretty much the same amount of tattoos as him. Honestly they look like sharpie marker drawings but you decide…

Opinion: Honestly Lil Wayne needs to be in jail surrounded by his “many” adoring convict fans because he committed a crime. Whether your rich and famous or piss poor, you need to pay the price. As for this stranger crazy groupie she needs to get “BOOM BOOM POWED” one good time because just looking at her is a nightmare. Celebrities today are going to jail for things they know damn well they cannot get away with, but they continue to do. I think it’s a cry for attention but I guarantee you one thing….there will be a lot of Lil Wayne stands at the prison until he gets out….OOOOOOO but you know what would be really funny??? if Lil Wayne came out of jail a little “sweeter”  mmmmmm “How you dew-in” Lil Wayne


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Grammy Winner and R&B singer D’angelo did a huge no no…Last week on the Wendy Williams Show, she reported that he was arrested in the Village for allegedly offering $40.00 for oral sex…..translation, he wanted his peen-tis sucked OMG.!!!!!!!! here is the gotcha, the prostitute he offered the money to was an undercover cop!!! O NO!!!!! I guess he is not getting no more “Brown Sugar.” It was said he stashed $1200.00 dollars in his diva status range rover but let me get this straight,  you offered 40.00 for the undercover cop hoe and you had $1200.00 that night???? she aint gonna put out with $40.00, maybe $60.00 LMAO. As a result, he was sent to the clink and his biggest challenge now is trying not to get raped by inmates, but he will be fine because according to People, “He lost all his Deliciousness” so D’Angelo you’re in good shape by not getting raped. D’angelo after you get out and for some reason you do get raped in jail,  the media is going to ask you one question… “How Does It Feel”

Here is a serious WHATTHEHELLZ moment doesn’t his mug shot look exactly like Old Dirty Bastard?? ??? what do you think???

Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Dating…Good or Bad???

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The question of day is do you think Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby dating is a good or bad thing??? Honestly I think it’s more bad than good because the person that is spoiling you may be too attached to you or vice versa so what people do to avoid that complication is to address that I am not here for a relationship, but I am here to have fun and to be spoiled rotten. The Sugar Daddy will practically do whatever you want in exchange for…obviously sex but it’s your responsibility as the Sugar Baby to fulfill those needs. Needless to say that the Sugar Daddy may be in a “Committed” relationship so expect to work around his schedule and never mention the lover under no circumstance because the Sugar Daddy is giving you his undivided attention and if he wanted to hear about his lover, he’d go home to them and not be bothered with you. I think it’s bad because us as humans, we want to be loved and have all types of attention thrown at us but we have to realize that it’s all just a game that you just happen to be in. Honestly this fad is growing so rapid that some people are even calling it a lifestyle which honestly, it’s not!!!

Obviously having a Sugar Daddy is good because the Sugar Baby gets that financial security they crave but like I said a Sugar Daddy’s generosity comes with a price you may have to “stroke his ego” just to get what you want. Personally I never had a Sugar Mama and I don’t plan on it either but I know people who have practiced this lifestyle and they all say “You what you must to please your meal ticket” ok if that’s the case why the HELLZ would you not get a job. I mean really if you’re so determined to please your Sugar Daddy, than you should be as equally determined towards being employed but I digress.

When it comes to Sugar dating, I have learned through friends that some people aren’t who they seem to portray themselves as so here are a few tests….

1)      It is imperative to ask your Sugar Daddy for some type of help early on in the relationship and also take note of how he treats you during the first few dates. Sugar Daddy never say nor hesitate to respond.

I know it’s a little embarrassing to ask for financial help but hey you chose it.

2)      When you’re surfing the countless Sugar Daddy profiles, use some caution as there are some that have no intention of pampering or shelling out any cash on you. Period!

Some of them out there just want some sexy man of woman depending on their orientation to just have sex with and go.

3)      Always keep in mind that a true Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby relationship is all about mutual spoiling.

Honestly people following this lifestyle should be a shame of themselves for even considering some guy just to spoil you rotten and for what??? SEX!!! Technically that’s prostitution which is a crime and you could do some time for that. I think all this determination people have into finding one of these “Meal Tickets” can be used to do something constructive in seeking employment, a hobby or actually finding a genuine relationship.

Kayian Couture


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I knot this is late tea but I was busy applying for jobs….Shout Eooowts to my new employeer but I wont say who it is yet, but moving on.

So last week a Russian women did the unthinkable!!! after she learned form her boyfriend at the time that he intends on leaving her for another woman she tied several firecrackers to his peen-tis and exploded it. WOW!!!! WHATTHEHELLZ???!!!! Right off the bat I can tell she is a Scorpio because the only successfull way to end a relationship with a Scorpio is to die. They believe in eternal love and if you love something set it free…if it comes back then it was meant to be but if it doesn’t, track it down and kill it dead, and thats exactly what she did…According to the Russian news website, the 33 year old victim, named Alik D, had lived with the woman whose name is Kira V. for about two years. But when Kira started suggesting that they should marry, Alik refused and said that he would rather return to his first wife with whom he had a son. So Alik has some mixed signs an Aires based on the desire of freedom, Capricorn for sexual options and an Aquarius for re-marrying his ex. I guess thats what drove homegirl into a jealous rage lol…But Alik made one NEAR FATAL mistake. Instead of packing up his stuff and just leaving, he agreed to have Kira make him a farewell dinner. First of all, you dumb as hell for even suggesting that…you break up with homegirl and you agree for her to feed you???!!! o no mam lol, but all during the large meal, Kira continued to feed dude liquor and after some heavy drinking, Alik fell asleep. Kira then reportedly tied several firecrackers to Alik’s penis and exploded them. OUCH!!!!!! Alik’s dumbass was rushed into intensive care where doctors are fighting for his life….DUMBASS!!! As for psycho lover….she faces 12 years in prsion…WAS IT WORTH IT….I mean if you gonna go to jail, hell at least finish the job..

America’s Best Dance Crew Recap Lady Gaga Challenge

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Last week on America’s Best Dance Crew, Jungle Boogie, Static Noyze and Hype 5-0 made it fierce, Heavy Impact gave sensuality but, Blueprint Cru and Saltare bombed their performance. Luckily week six was considered a savior week because no one was eliminated however next week the crews will face a double elimination. The challenge for this week was the long awaited Lady Gaga challenge. Crews showed their dance skills to such songs as “Beautiful Dirty Rich”, “Paparatzi”, “Pokerface”, “Bad Romance” and more.  Up first to experience and conquer the challenge was one of my personal favorites, Static Noyze

Static Noyze- Static Noyze infused their theatrical style with their outrageous sense of fashion to Lady Gaga’s “Beautiful Dirty Rich.” Their challenge was to best incorporate the table in their routine which I think they did a good job with. Peter from this crew played Lady Gaga and I think he did a hell-of-a good job…He killed that vogue dip and I think he demanded the crowd’s attention with this performance. I thought the tutting section with their legs was very new and fresh to the competition. From begging to end, their dance was very clean and it kept us guessing for a short time, but I did enjoy this crew’s performance

Blueprint Cru- OMG!!! They needed this scapegoat seriously, but it wasn’t their fault because the song selection was quite difficult and they chose to do the hardest piece last week. Their song for the Gaga challenge was “Bad Romance”. Let me tell you it was very Avant-Garde and mysterious. It was very original and signature to their crews name. Their wardrobe however was very brave…the females wore this blood red sheer outfit and the men almost resembled Hannibal. JC stated that this was the best performance of season five. Honestly I agree with him; it was very memorable not just for their look, but their whole routine was just flawless….I guess they have that mentality that “we aint gonna be in the bottom again” The B-boy section was very daring and it really required a lot of physical strength and I was super impressed.

Jungle boogie- Honestly I didn’t like this performance at all… Their song was “Telephone” featuring Ms. Sasha Fierce…Jungle boogie was one of my personal favorites, but this week may cost them to be in the bottom two next week. Two of the crew members were lost and confused and it was noticeable let me tell you…The performance as a whole was very “safe” and “sloppy”

Heavy Impact- Their performance was very “hype man ish” I did however like that they tried to interpret the subway railing into their routine. Overall the performance to “Love Game” was very plain. It had it points where you were like “OMG” but it was just nice to look at I guess. One of the crew members tired to get the audience hype and dismounted off the subway seat to a back flip which was sloppy and noticeable but I did however enjoy the attempt.

Hype 5-0- Hype 5-0’s routine song was one of my favorites, “Pokerface” they tried to incorporate the hand performance in the Gaga’s music video. Honestly they had a little bit of difficulty doing it but I honestly didn’t see the difficulty at all. It was nothing more than basic vogueing. The performance started off very Avant-Garde but it was very displeasing and disappointing. Honestly they do better when they are in the bottom two, under pressure than being safe to see another week.

Poreotics- Poreotics is another one of my favorite crews because they incorporate humor into their routines. They decided to use crutches to their interpretation of “paparazzi” which I think resembled something Saltare would do. But the performance was very interesting and humorous.  Poreotics took their tutting to the next level by having their hands to their backs, which I thought required a lot of practice and precision to get it just right. The middle of the performance was quite dull but I can’t throw shade at them because they are just that interesting.  The crew as a whole, were very precise, together and on point and I think they would make it to see another week.

Saltare- Saltare….Saltare…Saltare, you was touched by an angel let me tell you….last week’s performance was like WHATTHEHELLZ but due to the voting issues, they praised God. Had this not would’ve happened GUARENTEE you they would’ve gone home. Their song selection I thought was quite ironic because they don’t dance….that’s right their song was “Just Dance” I thought the dancing was very “1 and 2 and…” but in the middle of the performance they decided to stick to their strengths by using the jump ropes. Overall it was a decent recovery and the judges continued to admire Saltare once again.

At the end of the only one crew was granted immunity from elimination for next week’s challenge and it was…..BLUEPRINT CRU’S very Avant-Garde performance….Next week they are going back in time to the retro and nostalgic 1970’s who will be eliminated??? Maybe Hype 5-0 and Jungle Boogie or Heavy Impact and Jungle Boogie.


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According to St.Louis rapper J-kwon has been pronounced missing for a little over a month now… In case you lived under a rock lately, he is known for his smash club hit Everybody In The Club Get Tipsy and Hood Hop which didn’t do so good. In the music game, I believe its been about ten years since we heard form him but he wasn’t all that great. However he was often compared to New-York Rapper Cassidy so that’s something to keep in mind. According to J-kwon label, he has completely dropped from the face of the earth…Now it’s time to worry fans (if he still has some that is). Here is J-Kwon’s record label statement…

J-Kwon is a big part of the Gracie family, and we are obviously increasingly worried and want to make sure he is ok. We’ve already received thousands of emails from fans and supporters who are worried about J-Kwon, and we want everyone to know how much we appreciate the love and support.

If anyone has seen J-Kwon or has access to him, please let him know we are worried about him, and to please let us know everything is ok.

When it rains it pours, just revealed that  J-Kwon may have gotten into the WRONG BUSINESS . . . and may have gotten CAUGHT UP!!! so you know what that means…..someone probably “Hood-Hop’ed” all over his behind lol but did someone really snatch J-kwon or is this all a stunt???  WHO KNOWS…..