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Grammy Winner and R&B singer D’angelo did a huge no no…Last week on the Wendy Williams Show, she reported that he was arrested in the Village for allegedly offering $40.00 for oral sex…..translation, he wanted his peen-tis sucked OMG.!!!!!!!! here is the gotcha, the prostitute he offered the money to was an undercover cop!!! O NO!!!!! I guess he is not getting no more “Brown Sugar.” It was said he stashed $1200.00 dollars in his diva status range rover but let me get this straight,  you offered 40.00 for the undercover cop hoe and you had $1200.00 that night???? she aint gonna put out with $40.00, maybe $60.00 LMAO. As a result, he was sent to the clink and his biggest challenge now is trying not to get raped by inmates, but he will be fine because according to People, “He lost all his Deliciousness” so D’Angelo you’re in good shape by not getting raped. D’angelo after you get out and for some reason you do get raped in jail,  the media is going to ask you one question… “How Does It Feel”

Here is a serious WHATTHEHELLZ moment doesn’t his mug shot look exactly like Old Dirty Bastard?? ??? what do you think???


Run Juvenile Run the Police Coming!!!!!!!

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Yep thats right rapper Juvenile is getting locked up for smoking weed in his friends house. OMG seriously Juvenile WHATTHEHELLZ but I think a scooby-doo reference is in order “He would’ve gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for you medaling neighbors.”  Your probably asking yourself what did I mean by that quote??? well one of his friends neighbors snitched and called the “po-po”  and told them they smelled the “kush” coming from outside the house. ooooo nooo!!!!! so the police obtained and warrant and guess what happened….??? BUSTED!!!! Juve was arrested and booked on misdemeanor charges of possession of marijuana and released from the parish jail.

At first I had to think to myself who was Juvenile again???? then it hit me he was the dude that made the “club banger” “back that a** up”  which is like what twelve years old and hasn’t made a record since come on Juve lol….but i guess if your music sucks why not make some type of attention by getting arrested wooooo!!!! I mean all the Celebrities are doing it now-a-days the only difference is, Juve is a nobody..