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Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Dating…Good or Bad???

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The question of day is do you think Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby dating is a good or bad thing??? Honestly I think it’s more bad than good because the person that is spoiling you may be too attached to you or vice versa so what people do to avoid that complication is to address that I am not here for a relationship, but I am here to have fun and to be spoiled rotten. The Sugar Daddy will practically do whatever you want in exchange for…obviously sex but it’s your responsibility as the Sugar Baby to fulfill those needs. Needless to say that the Sugar Daddy may be in a “Committed” relationship so expect to work around his schedule and never mention the lover under no circumstance because the Sugar Daddy is giving you his undivided attention and if he wanted to hear about his lover, he’d go home to them and not be bothered with you. I think it’s bad because us as humans, we want to be loved and have all types of attention thrown at us but we have to realize that it’s all just a game that you just happen to be in. Honestly this fad is growing so rapid that some people are even calling it a lifestyle which honestly, it’s not!!!

Obviously having a Sugar Daddy is good because the Sugar Baby gets that financial security they crave but like I said a Sugar Daddy’s generosity comes with a price you may have to “stroke his ego” just to get what you want. Personally I never had a Sugar Mama and I don’t plan on it either but I know people who have practiced this lifestyle and they all say “You what you must to please your meal ticket” ok if that’s the case why the HELLZ would you not get a job. I mean really if you’re so determined to please your Sugar Daddy, than you should be as equally determined towards being employed but I digress.

When it comes to Sugar dating, I have learned through friends that some people aren’t who they seem to portray themselves as so here are a few tests….

1)      It is imperative to ask your Sugar Daddy for some type of help early on in the relationship and also take note of how he treats you during the first few dates. Sugar Daddy never say nor hesitate to respond.

I know it’s a little embarrassing to ask for financial help but hey you chose it.

2)      When you’re surfing the countless Sugar Daddy profiles, use some caution as there are some that have no intention of pampering or shelling out any cash on you. Period!

Some of them out there just want some sexy man of woman depending on their orientation to just have sex with and go.

3)      Always keep in mind that a true Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby relationship is all about mutual spoiling.

Honestly people following this lifestyle should be a shame of themselves for even considering some guy just to spoil you rotten and for what??? SEX!!! Technically that’s prostitution which is a crime and you could do some time for that. I think all this determination people have into finding one of these “Meal Tickets” can be used to do something constructive in seeking employment, a hobby or actually finding a genuine relationship.

Kayian Couture


The Fear of Accepting….

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Everyone is afraid to admit they are insecure about something about their anatomy. Everyone is afraid to stand out, instead they decide to blend in….Everyone decides to be bland canvasses than a work of work…It’s these imperfections that truly makes us a work of art. Earlier today I had a heart to heart talk with a friend of mine about insecurities and to listen him rabble about he can’t find anyone to love him is just rubbish to me. Honestly love doesn’t cure insecurities, acceptance does. You first have to accept your flaws before you accept someone else’s flaws. He asked me “what’s the easiest way and what’s the hardest way to accept insecurity.” I responded, “Befriend a Taurus would be the easiest”   and “love yourself would be the hardest” He looked at me like I was crazy…”befriend a Taurus why should I???”  Well according to the zodiac, Taurus’ are known to be great judges of character and can see right through weakness. Normally they would tell you about your vulnerabilities if they like you but if they do not like you, stand clear because when they come, they come hard so beware… Then he asked me why would loving myself be the hardest thing to do?? I told him not alot of people can successfully do it and if they can achieve this victory the real challenge is not to be depressed about it. Loving yourself depends on your character and willingness to accept.  That is truly a work of art…

He responded, “That’s deep…but I want someone to love me sexually and mentally what should I do” I answered with confidence, “Sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets.” meaning sex doesn’t have to be physical, it’s honestly not art the true art is witnessing it in a theatrical point of view or in a book not a sex book but a true literature novel” I told him these feelings you crave are just desires or fantasies of love and “Fantasy love is much better than reality love. Never doing it is very exciting. The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.” That is a work of art….

Then he asked me have I ever gone through insecurities???

Honestly I have ALOT there have been times I refuse to look at myself in the mirror and there are times I go through to a great depression and there are those times where emotion consumes and cast judgment upon me than my own awareness.  He was shocked that I admitted something so personal but honestly it’s who I am imperfect we all are which leads me to the quote I truly live by day by day….”I AM MY OWN WORK OF ART” it signifies that even the slightest imperfections we humans may have whether it be physical or not is what truly makes us unique…. it what makes us stand out….it’s what makes us a true WORK OF ART…