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I Know It’s a Recession, but DAMN!!!!

Posted in media, Uncategorized, whatthehellz with tags , , , , , on March 4, 2010 by kayiancouture

Based on the new activities on the recession day by day it seems nearly impossible for anyone to have nice things or even enjoy romantic activities/events like a wedding anymore, however a local newlywed couple made it possible for under $50.00 thats right $50.00

Now your probably asking yourself what event did they plan for a budget under $50.00??? well it was their wedding. As the title says, “I know we are in  recession, but damn” but it’s not all bad they seem to love each other  despite the lack of “diva-ness”  they made it possible by moving around household furniture and increasing space to create the wedding chapel and rose petals on the carpet. Talk about something used lol!!! Instead of a nice spread of appetizers and delicious wine and such, they had Dixie cups and buy one get one free on chips and finger foods such as crackers and various Kraft cheeses. It brings a new definition to the term GHETTO!!!! however the two most expensive things and i use that term lightly came from their wedding cake probably bought from Publix and the wedding dress probably from faith 21.  Honestly WHATTHEHELLZ!!!!????? but the guy didn’t look so bad either. It looks as if he was wearing a suit probably form after hours or it could be just a regular red button up layered with a signature blazer and dark jeans or dress pants. Even though it must have been special for them, it was absolutely humiliating for all who took part in the wedding. Best of luck……WHATTHEHELLZ