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Today marks the sixth day since the Avant Garde Lady Gaga and Sasha Fierce Beyonce  premiered their latest smash hit telephone. Prior to the video being exposed to the public, there were rumors swarming that Gaga was a hermaphrodite and before that they said she was a devil worshiping star due to Gaga’s Bad Romance video. Now there are new rumors taking flight that suggests that Beyonce is a Lesbian.

Opinion: First off, all the Beyonce stands can tell you she is not a Lesbian. Sadly she is dating Rap Mogul Jay-Z, but it doesn’t mean that she is gay. I always had a feeling that the media would try some stupid stunt like this especially the time where they both partnered on Beyonce’s “Video Phone”. It seems like no one of the same-sex cannot collaborate on a video without the media questioning their sexuality. Alot of celebrities have collaborated to create smash hits. For example, R-Kelly and Jay-Z, Cassius and Ghostface Killah and Beyonce and Missy Elliott but does that mean they are homosexual???? no the HELLZ it doesn’t… Come on music industry and Lady Gaga stands WHATTHEHELLZ???!!!!



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So Lil Wayne was sentenced yesterday to a year in jail for having a loaded gun on his tour bus. The Grammy-winning rapper bowed to supporters as he was led out of a courtroom in handcuffs to start his sentence. Arrested in July 2007, he pleaded guilty in October to attempted criminal possession of a weapon. He admitted he had the loaded .40-caliber semiautomatic gun on his bus. Gurl let me tell you, when his lawyer was with him and he heard his sentence, he look scared as HELLZ but look on the bright side Lil Wayne, D’Angelo can be your cell mate….Lil Wayne prepare to be bottomed by hard convicts hahahahaha….

This isn’t the true WHATTHEHELLZ, what’s really WHATTHEHELLZ is this stranger bitch groupie is rocking pretty much the same amount of tattoos as him. Honestly they look like sharpie marker drawings but you decide…

Opinion: Honestly Lil Wayne needs to be in jail surrounded by his “many” adoring convict fans because he committed a crime. Whether your rich and famous or piss poor, you need to pay the price. As for this stranger crazy groupie she needs to get “BOOM BOOM POWED” one good time because just looking at her is a nightmare. Celebrities today are going to jail for things they know damn well they cannot get away with, but they continue to do. I think it’s a cry for attention but I guarantee you one thing….there will be a lot of Lil Wayne stands at the prison until he gets out….OOOOOOO but you know what would be really funny??? if Lil Wayne came out of jail a little “sweeter”  mmmmmm “How you dew-in” Lil Wayne


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Grammy Winner and R&B singer D’angelo did a huge no no…Last week on the Wendy Williams Show, she reported that he was arrested in the Village for allegedly offering $40.00 for oral sex…..translation, he wanted his peen-tis sucked OMG.!!!!!!!! here is the gotcha, the prostitute he offered the money to was an undercover cop!!! O NO!!!!! I guess he is not getting no more “Brown Sugar.” It was said he stashed $1200.00 dollars in his diva status range rover but let me get this straight,  you offered 40.00 for the undercover cop hoe and you had $1200.00 that night???? she aint gonna put out with $40.00, maybe $60.00 LMAO. As a result, he was sent to the clink and his biggest challenge now is trying not to get raped by inmates, but he will be fine because according to People, “He lost all his Deliciousness” so D’Angelo you’re in good shape by not getting raped. D’angelo after you get out and for some reason you do get raped in jail,  the media is going to ask you one question… “How Does It Feel”

Here is a serious WHATTHEHELLZ moment doesn’t his mug shot look exactly like Old Dirty Bastard?? ??? what do you think???


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I knot this is late tea but I was busy applying for jobs….Shout Eooowts to my new employeer but I wont say who it is yet, but moving on.

So last week a Russian women did the unthinkable!!! after she learned form her boyfriend at the time that he intends on leaving her for another woman she tied several firecrackers to his peen-tis and exploded it. WOW!!!! WHATTHEHELLZ???!!!! Right off the bat I can tell she is a Scorpio because the only successfull way to end a relationship with a Scorpio is to die. They believe in eternal love and if you love something set it free…if it comes back then it was meant to be but if it doesn’t, track it down and kill it dead, and thats exactly what she did…According to the Russian news website, the 33 year old victim, named Alik D, had lived with the woman whose name is Kira V. for about two years. But when Kira started suggesting that they should marry, Alik refused and said that he would rather return to his first wife with whom he had a son. So Alik has some mixed signs an Aires based on the desire of freedom, Capricorn for sexual options and an Aquarius for re-marrying his ex. I guess thats what drove homegirl into a jealous rage lol…But Alik made one NEAR FATAL mistake. Instead of packing up his stuff and just leaving, he agreed to have Kira make him a farewell dinner. First of all, you dumb as hell for even suggesting that…you break up with homegirl and you agree for her to feed you???!!! o no mam lol, but all during the large meal, Kira continued to feed dude liquor and after some heavy drinking, Alik fell asleep. Kira then reportedly tied several firecrackers to Alik’s penis and exploded them. OUCH!!!!!! Alik’s dumbass was rushed into intensive care where doctors are fighting for his life….DUMBASS!!! As for psycho lover….she faces 12 years in prsion…WAS IT WORTH IT….I mean if you gonna go to jail, hell at least finish the job..


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Rapper Nicki Minaj was spotted wearing rather whore-ish ripped leggings and you can virtually see every nook-and-cranny. Now I know all her male fans who are obsessed with this woman are having a field day right clicking and saving this picture to their possible Nicki Minaj collection but me on the other hand, I look at it with disgust. For those of you who lived under a rock lately Nicki Minaj started off as an underground rapper from Jamaica Queens, New York. She is known for her rather outrageous and superficial lyrics in all her mix tapes. Now you’re probably wondering how she was found, Well she was found believe it or not on myspace by a Dirty Money CEO Fendi who signed her to his Dirty Money Label.  After appearing on The Carter Edition of Young Money’s The Come Up DVD series, Minaj was contacted by Lil Wayne. Honestly she wasn’t known for her music at all but I believe it was her Whore-ish clothing she wore. She did know how to push the envelope but not dry hump it lol!!! When she released her mixtape Playtime Is Over she posed as a Barbie Doll on the cover sounds familiar??? It should because Lil Kim did something similiar in her previous album. Could Minaj be the next watered down version Lil Kim or can she make a name for herself??? You decide but I already made my decision.

They say “A Picture Is worth a Thousand Words” and they also say “I am my own work of art”, but these pictures say one word and one word only……Sleezy!!!!

I mean I always had a feeling she was rather whore-ish but she just confirmed it with these pictures

You be the Judge

Whatthehellz Nicki  Minaj!!!!!!

Run Juvenile Run the Police Coming!!!!!!!

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Yep thats right rapper Juvenile is getting locked up for smoking weed in his friends house. OMG seriously Juvenile WHATTHEHELLZ but I think a scooby-doo reference is in order “He would’ve gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for you medaling neighbors.”  Your probably asking yourself what did I mean by that quote??? well one of his friends neighbors snitched and called the “po-po”  and told them they smelled the “kush” coming from outside the house. ooooo nooo!!!!! so the police obtained and warrant and guess what happened….??? BUSTED!!!! Juve was arrested and booked on misdemeanor charges of possession of marijuana and released from the parish jail.

At first I had to think to myself who was Juvenile again???? then it hit me he was the dude that made the “club banger” “back that a** up”  which is like what twelve years old and hasn’t made a record since come on Juve lol….but i guess if your music sucks why not make some type of attention by getting arrested wooooo!!!! I mean all the Celebrities are doing it now-a-days the only difference is, Juve is a nobody..




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Omg Plies really??? Is this suppose to be your definition of high fashion? If you are looking at the picture brought to you by, you would see his diamond fitted hat pendent and his matching diamond handcuffs. Guessing this is the what cool rappers do now I guess.

Opinion: First off my eyes didn’t go to his accessories, it actually went to his outfit. He is wearing a pink plain tee (arab) and a matching pink hat. First off that’s so “how you dew-n” (gay) but it the same time it’s a risk. You never a lot of straight black men wearing pink and to see Plies wearing it says something. Don’t take it the wrong way I am not playing the race card, I’m just saying its not something you see everyday. His accessories I guess perfects his image of being “Plies” but diamond handcuffs….REALLY PLIES WHATTHEHELLZ!!!!????? The fitted hat pendent I can manage but the handcuff not really. But seriously any one can take that one piece of jewelry and interpret any way they see fit. For example my interpretation on this is that he could be promoting crime or he could be saying that I have been here in the past and look where I am at now or he could just plain like handcuffs who knows but all I know is he needs to get rid of them and please stop making music about the same shit you constantly keep talking about…sex, becky or sex lol. It’s bad enough hip-hop is dead but don’t piss on the grave Plies.